Pocket Jennifer Publishing offers plenty of versatility! You, as the writer and/or artist can to select how much or how little involvement you want from this publishing company. Mix and match services from our growing palette of options.

Services include:
• Book jacket design
• Book cover illustration
• Graphic design preflight files
• Grammatical/Copy editing
• Marketing & Sales Consultation

As we grow, we look forward to offering additional support services including:
• Social Media Outreach
• Crowdfunding and Presales
• Tour Booking and Management
• Consignment Sales and Independent Bookstore Sales
• Web Design and Digital Sales
• Print Quality Assurance

To be considered as a curated project under P.J.P.
Writers: please submit an introductory query letter of your story
Illustrators: 3 pieces of a digital postcard of your artwork (jpg files under 100k).
Writer/Illustrator: One dummy book submission
Response time will be addressed upon submission of work.

Please put in your email subject heading: "Art Samples" or "Writer Query" with your last name first, followed by your first name to be considered. For example: Art Samples - Smith, John
Email to: info@pocketjenniferpublishing.com