It is an exciting time for independent authors and illustrators as the self-publishing industry continues to expand in the 21st century. Yet while self-publishing offers new and invigorating opportunities, it also offers its own set of challenges. The major commercial publishers have been slow to respond to new technologies and changing demographics, but independently negotiating publication at a professional level requires a host of skills beyond the development of the stories themselves. Pocket Jennifer Publishing seeks to fill the gaps between traditional publication and self-publishing by offering a variety of support services for independent children’s book creators. Let us help you tell your story your way.

Pocket Jennifer Publishing offers a new kind of co-publishing relationship for independent children’s book writers and artists. Combining my experience as a graphic designer with expertise developed through the independent publication of my own projects, I offer emerging writers and artists an opportunity to bring their work to life in this thrilling new independent marketplace. Under Pocket Jennifer Publishing, your curated work can reach national and international audiences, catch the eyes of young readers in independent book stores and the major chains, and become part of a movement that forever changes the perception of independent publishing as suitable for “vanity projects” only.

Pocket Jennifer Publishing began as a simple venture. I developed this small publishing company to help facilitate the publication of my own non-traditional works and the stories of other diverse emerging children’s book authors and illustrators. Pocket Jennifer Publishing curates and publishes children’s book stories, poems, songs, and art without the pressures of catering to the mainstream commercial audiences. As big traditional publishing houses continue to take a painfully slow approach to diversity and inclusion - demographically and in content & style - in the literary and art world, Pocket Jennifer Publishing is making that its primary focus. It’s a diverse world, and it’s time to champion diverse voices.

~ Jennifer M. Varn, Founder