On April 2, 2016, my party planning team held our first My Day... children's book event at a locally owned restaurant in Ridgewood, NY.  The book's theme of reassuring one's love was certainly felt that night. It had a great turn out and ended up being a great success for parents and children spending quality time with each other. It had carnival feel with a DIY photo booth, face painting, crafts, letter and journal making, and balloon dogs.  There was even a chance to win a raffle for a handcrafted, plush toy My Day Puppy and a signed copy of the book.  I performed my picture book's lullaby while the story was projected on the wall.   In my opinion, all of the anxiety leading up to this event was well worth it. I am so grateful for all those who helped set this event up, the restaurant owners, my party planning team, and all those who were curious enough to stop in and see what the "My Day" experience was all about. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you.